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Myanmar Aviation Centre is the first dedicated aviation services company in Myanmar that operates independently from any local airline group. It is a fast growing company offering services such as Ground Handling / Supervision, Aviation Training, Consulting, Landing & Overflight Permits as well as System Consulting & Implementation.

The company has been appointed as the first IATA authorized training center in Myanmar and provides a vital contribution to the development of the local aviation industry. It is a member of ALI Consulting.

Indochina Aviation Centre offers Ground Handling / Supervision, Aviation Training, Consulting, Landing & Overflight Permits as well as System Consulting & Implementation, Carrier Representation, PR & Advertising Services, Sales & Marketing Service as well as Ticketing Services in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Despite the markets being more developed than Myanmar, there is huge potential for efficient world class standard services in the aviation industry.

Both companies employ multinational staff with a varied aviation background to ensure the best possible service is provided to its customers.

Being a strategic partner of the Denmark based company WorldTicket, Asia Services Holding provides sales, implementation and support services for WorldTicket’s reservation, inventory and ticketing platform especially designed for small and medium sized airlines in Asia.

Myanmar Aviation Centre has split up its aviation and tourism representation business and brought it into a separate entity, Aviareps Myanmar. Aviareps, headquartered in Munich (Germany) is the world leader in this field and Asia Services Holding holds a share in the Myanmar entity. The main activities are Representation, Ticketing Services, PR & Advertising Services as well as Sales & Marketing Services.

Bespoke Travel Services

Asia Services Holding has launched the platform asiatrips.travel. It is covering tailor made and customized tours in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam. A local team of experts takes care of customer inquiries, bookings, travel logistics and guest services. The focus is on tailor made and customized tours for travelers who seek to explore the host countries extensively yet authentically and with a limited social and environmental footprint.

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Aviation and Tourism

Asia Services Holding is a Hong Kong based company owned by a German born entrepreneur. His parents persuaded him to move to boarding school in France at the age of 15. He shared a room with his French cousin among only French students and this started to make him curious to what else the world has to offer. Going through these challenging times to adjust to another language within a few weeks along with a different school system, has prepared him for the cultural challenges that his career brings with it.

He started his career in aviation and tourism in 1996, just after leaving school. Despite studying law, he decided to pursue career opportunities in more exciting industries. Rather than spending his lifetime in a law practice with the disputes and disagreements of others, he decided to venture into areas where he can create happy moments in people’s lives.

Having worked with companies like Best Western Hotels, Lufthansa City Center and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, he helped building up an internet startup that was sold to Amadeus Germany in 2001.

A business partner and friend made him scratch on the surface to see the potential of South East Asia in various industries and thus he set off in 2001 to leave his mark on the aviation and tourism sectors in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam.

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